Presented by WE WERE HERE

The Last Refuge, Peckham
23rd – 28th October 2012

Playwright: Hywel John
Director: Natalie Ibu
Lighting Design: Elliot Griggs
Sound Design: Edward Lewis

JOE: Jay Taylor
BOY: Christopher Knott

Alone on a stage talking to strangers = a monologue.

Alone in a city talking to strangers = mental.

We Were Here present London stories of North and South, isolation and belonging, Wetherspoons and faithful friends.

Joe works in JD Sports and cares for his Nan. Joe doesn’t have a job, and lives in a flat bought by his parents Joe drinks in Wetherspoons. Joe drinks in Wetherspoons. When piss starts flying, Joe discovers he’s not as different as he thinks.

Boy is tip top. He loves his Boy. He’s lucky lucky lucky. He used to be a working man. He used to be hands on. He used to get things done. But now he watches. At night. Alone. And all he can see is everything he lost.

Joe was commissioned by Waifs+Strays in response to Owen Jones’ ‘CHAVS: Demonization of the working class.’ and performed at the Lyric in March 2012.